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This is where I'm posting portfolios of work, commentary, audio, video, behind the scenes imagery, and information about my process.  Generally, if you like what I do this is a place to get more of it  Most of this work won't likely be released to larger audiences.  It's also where I'm posting some older archived work.  Generally you can consider this absolutely NSFW, but it is going to be one of the best places to see bigger projects and other work that I'm doing.  Sidenote -- if I start to see exclusive work from here hitting the internet anywhere else I'll probably pull the plug.  Thank you for your interest!


This is the best place to keep up with any new developments with my work.  You will find some long form writing here with links to other creators, books, cameras, and things that I use and think you may benefit from knowing about.  It's meant to read like a letter from a friend and, I hope, can be something you appreciate seeing in your inbox.  

Most Exalted Instagram

I post works in progress, behind the scenes images, expanded and annotated work, as well as casting calls for new projects here


This is where I keep some more of the behind the scenes imagery, occasional rambling, and things of that nature.  I'm not good at Twitter.  

Big Cartel

This is where I make it possible to buy zines, occasional patches, and, maybe, some one off pieces of work.

Most Exalted Shirts

I uploaded a few designs to Threadless so I could have my shirts made without doing any work at all.  I make very little per shirt, so feel free to buy it or not based on your desire to own a shirt with my logo or designs on it.  

Appalachian Outsider

This is a secondary Instagram I started awhile back and, admittedly, it has stalled a little.  I think it still has merit, however, and I'm brewing up some images to post in here very soon.  It's not necessarily going to be like Humans of New York, but I've had enough people compare it to that that I just shrug my shoulders, smile politely, and say, "yeah -- that's it."  


A lot of people want to help contribute to the cause.  If that's something you feel compelled to do, here is a wishlist for things I've thought might help me continue to make weird things for you to enjoy.